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Howdy, we are Knorke: Your creative and digital agency from Berlin.

Your online store needs new features or your startup could do with some help getting off the ground? Want to inject some expert knowledge into WordPress, Shopware, Magento, or your sluggish campaign? No matter where your shoe might pinch, Knorke makes sure your sneakers have the perfect fit. As an experienced full-service agency, we guarantee innovative solutions and understand which people, tools, and decisions you need to reach your goals.

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Development, Marketing & Design

What we can do:

Concept and Design

With a fresh perspective, heaps of experience, and in close consultation with you, we conceptualize and design everything imaginable for your project.

đŸȘŹ Holistic Concepts

đŸ•č User-Friendly Design

😍 Increased Appeal

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Web Development and E-Commerce

We craft websites for desktop and mobile devices, tailoring them to your needs or using popular content management systems like WordPress.

đŸ’„ Fast Loading Times

🎹 UX Optimized Design

📈 Increased Conversion Rates

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Marketing and Content Creation

We serve up content and campaigns that pop. Whether it's B2B, CTV, UGC, XTC (yep, that rhymes)...

🚀 Strengthen the brand, boost reach

🎯 Solid concepts and reporting

💰Content that converts

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Friends and Partners

Thanks to our robust network of reliable partners, we can offer almost everything from a single source.

Knorke is international as part of iNT. Agencies

As a member of INT. Agencies, we are part of a group of international full-service agencies. INT. Agencies combines a strong local presence in the most important cities in many countries with an international perspective. For you as a client, this means that we can manage and implement your branding, your projects and your communication with short distances. Open up new markets or strengthen your international positioning with us as your lead agency and our INT. Partners as local professionals. Our combined expertise ranges from digital advertising, PR, sponsoring and events to web development and design, to name just a few examples. Benefit from a strong, international network of professionals.

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Keeping up with the Knorkes

Web, print, street – we’re always available for our customers! And when we’re not in the office, we’re hanging out at an art fair, conference, or graffiti jam, and will feed you the latest news from the scene on our blog. We also provide you with tips and tricks here, so make sure to check out our blog posts.

You have an idea or question? Shoot!

From adventures in the Benz to sustainable toothbrushes, we've sold or designed just about everything. Write us here about your project and find out how we can help you.