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Magento 2 Headless: Knorke’s Support for Modern Commerce

sleep.8 is the newest brand under the umbrella of the Swedish Hilding Anders Group, with stores in Barcelona, London, Lisbon, and Berlin. Here and online, the stores offer beds, pillows, and many other products related to sleep and relaxation. Due to their international sales structure and to reduce long-term development overhead, sleep.8 decided to go with a headless Magento 2 commerce architecture. Our predecessor's approach to developing this mobile-first PWA store had been rather headfirst, so Knorke was called in to pull their chestnuts out of the fire and once again showed some brains.

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Rising to the headless challenge: Easy is Boring

Magento 2 Consulting and Management

So Knorke took over a Magento construction site, had to find a multilingual project manager and a frontender who knows Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and then get the sleep.8 brand known in Germany on a small budget in record time. Good thing we love a challenge! We started by setting up a decent service desk with an internal knowledge base for the many parties involved from the UK, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. This allowed us to work as a large team right from the get-go, and to train and coach the employees who were still inexperienced with Magento.

System Architecture With Brainpower

How to use PWA in Magento 2 (and add Payment)

Working with a detached store frontend is usually a future-proof and sensible decision for such complex e-commerce concepts. Implementing Magento 2's high-performance web API, however, also presents some obstacles before revealing its full benefits. We adjusted the PWA, optimized the page speed, and installed the payment methods. Knorke integrated Stripe and PayPal across countries and created local payment gateways for each country. We ensured data protection and cookie management for all countries and contributed significantly to conversion optimization. You might say: We were active on every important front.

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Never Sleep Through a Trend

Sleep.8 Brand Development and Influencer Marketing

To generate the necessary reach and social proof for the new sleep.8 brand right from the start, we relied on a combination of content and influencer marketing paired with retargeting and search ads. Our marketing team also advises sleep8 on brand development, philosophy and values, look & feel, and communication rules, services, and presentations. We also handled the setup of the Amazon channel including legal texts, accounting, brand registration, and merchandise management. We create SEO-compliant Amazon content, complete the product listings, and take care of FBA and in-house shipping. Last but not least, we manage the advertising campaigns and the sale of the goods throughout Europe via Amazon.


Knorke’s synergies really took off at sleep.8: We not only worked on the store system, system architecture, and payment methods but also took care of marketing and the service desk. All-in-one Knorke.

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