Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds

And Good Design Makes Fabulous Customers

Never underestimate the power of a balanced design that guides your prospects right where you want them. Because we're a full-service agency, Knorke's design can do more than just look good. Form follows function – THE principle of media design. So, we first define what you want to achieve with the design and then strategically tailor our decisions to your goals. Because, as you know, only the inside counts.


You can book any of our services individually or mix and match. We can't list everything we can help you with, so if in doubt, just holler, and we'll figure out how to make your project meaningful and successful.

Concept and Strategy

Our creative team develops design concepts and strategies that position your brand for success and leave a lasting impression.

Corporate Design

Your visual calling card – We create corporate designs that perfectly capture your identity and reflect it in every detail.

Web Design

Our web design impresses not just visually but also ensures an optimal user experience and a high conversion rate.

Print Design

Print design that literally makes an impression. We transform ideas into tangible, visual gems for all print media.

Graffiti and Illustration

Back to the Roots! Our graffiti and illustrations give your message a unique, urban edge.

Do you have an idea or question? Fire away!

From adventures in the Benz to sustainable toothbrushes, we've sold or designed just about everything. Tell us about your project here and find out how we can help you.

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Who's the Best Agency of Them All?

    We don't gatekeep: Knorke, obviously. Especially when you're looking for design that looks as classy as it works. And by working, we mean contributing to your success. The great thing about Knorke's design: it doesn't live in an isolated bubble. It's part of our comprehensive expertise. We always design with a goal in mind. With us as your design agency, your project will soon be the fairest in the land.

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