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The Last Shall Be First!

If you know anything about e-commerce, Magento, and merchandise management, you can imagine what it means to build a Magento 2 store, develop and integrate a custom module for the manufacturers within the Marketplace solution, connect inventory management, and, just when you think you’re done, rethink the whole concept because the legal department is on strike. Knorke accomplished this feat after a preparatory conception phase — not in 2 years, not in 6 months, but in 8 weeks — from offer to MVP. Don't mention the coffee shop bill and the overtime balance… That's when the brand name THE LATEST took on a whole new meaning.

All for One and One for All

The "Marketplace" Module

THE LATEST's underlying principle is to create an off- and online platform for innovative and exclusive products. Therefore, the assortment of the online store is composed of products from very different manufacturers and suppliers. Each of these suppliers needs its own legal terms and conditions and imprint to operate on the platform. To address this issue, Knorke created a custom Magento module, which turns the Magento backend into somewhat of a marketplace. The order processing is automated, while the suppliers handle the shipping themselves.

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A Well-Rounded Result

Magento Integration With Inventory Management

To ensure smooth order processing and accounting and inventory management despite complex supplier relationships, we connected the merchandise management system Cegid directly to Magento. Because this integration took some serious brainpower, we called in the talented guys and gals from MSPos and Retail IT. The inventory integration in Magento was also part of the MVP, so it was up and running just in time for the launch of THE LATEST. We are mighty proud!


The experimental retail concept THE LATEST is shopping 2.0, with “the law of democracy” ruling in the offline store in Berlin. None of the novel, exclusive, and smart products are particularly emphasized. Instead, QR codes connect the real with the digital world. In THE LATEST online store, customers can find background information on the innovative items. It’s not about selling off the same old junk, but rather about reframing shopping as a unique, new, and progressive experience. Using Magento 2, we created a marketplace solution for the Avantgarde GmbH to run its business. The only catch with this awesome project: We only had 8 weeks to finish it.

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