From Banner Print Shop to Superhero

Ever since they started as a small local print shop in 2008, Metropoldruck has been producing promotional banners, roll-up banners, foils, and more. In 2012, the large format print shop moved to a 700 m² production area at Media Spree. After the expansion, they produced all kinds of print products for more than 12,000 regular customers, from classic business cards and notepads to trade show equipment such as project stands and displays. Metropoldruck provided stickers, poster printing, backlit billboards, facade display banners, and panoramic surfaces. That's also about the time Knorke stepped in and turned the banner print shop into Bannerheld ('Banner Hero').

The Brand

The Bannerheld

We created the Bannerheld exclusively for Metropoldruck in collaboration with illustrator Alexandros Preventas. Banner Hero gives the company a personal touch, he’s an entertaining and positive mascot. The corporate design went hand in hand with the Bannerheld and his look, which also guided our numerous illustrations. We then created a website for the satisfied client, with which we also cut our teeth with respect to online stores.

The Custom Banner Configurator

Heroically Simple

The exceptional thing about Bannerheld and the large format print store’s online shop is the banner designer. Customers can create custom banners online and have them printed the way they want. We developed the configurator system especially for Bannerheld and it still helps customer prepare their banner prints today.

Home page
Banner designer

Seit 2008 produziert Metropoldruck zunächst als kleine lokale Druckerei Werbebanner, Rollup Banner, Folien und mehr. 2012 zieht die Großformatdruckerei auf eine 700 m² große Produktionsfläche an die Media Spree.