Good German for all: Optimised Magento 2 language pack

Win new customers on the German market with your online shop thanks to our edited language package for Magento 2. You receive the optimal German translation of your Magento shop free of charge and in four variants: You can address your customers in a gender-neutral way and get even closer to them.

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Download the native Magento 2 language pack in German here:

  • error-free German version of Magento
  • easy, quick and free to install
  • compatible with all Magento 2 versions
  • customer address by Du or Sie
  • gender-neutral version
  • template for further translations e.g. Austrian

"Du"-Translation? "Sie"-Translation? What's this all about?

Crash Course German for Onlineshops

In principle, German is a very precise and almost scientific language, but unfortunately, it can be a little complicated. There are two very specific features of German compared to English that was relevant for the translation of the Magento 2 language pack. (Which, by the way, are also common in other European languages).

The form of address

In German, depending on how close you are to a person, you can address them “Sie”, i.e. with polite distance, or “Duzen”, i.e. in a friendly manner using the “Du” form. Both forms entail different rules regarding the personal pronouns and the inflection of the verbs. The two versions of our Magento language pack now allow you to address your customers personally to generate more closeness (du) or professionally by Sie to express respect and appreciation. We can also advise you on what is most suitable for your webshop for the german market.

Gender-neutral Language

German has 2 grammatical genders. There is a masculine and a feminine version of every personal name, profession and personal pronoun. In generic usage, however, only the masculine version is used. Since language creates reality, many who advocate gender equality find this irritating. They demand that a text should always address all genders. With the so-called gender asterisk (*), rephrasing, and other linguistic tricks, we have managed to create a gender-neutral version of the Magento 2 language package. This way you can really reach everyone with your Magento online shop.

Master of German: Magento language package from German e-commerce agency

With the Magento language packages, online shops can be output in different languages. However, the standard language packages contain errors, awkward formulations, and gaps. That is why our editorial team has meticulously revised the language package for Magento in German. The result is a clean, native-language translation of the Magento content, where the details are spot on.

In addition to the classic Sie address, we have created a version in which your clientele is addressed by Du; perfect for young brands, creatives, and emotional products. We also deliver a gender-neutral version of both versions, so that everyone really feels addressed

"Somehow" anyone can do, "just right" Knorke can do: Magento Language Pack

To ensure that your shop is also well received in Germany, you can do something very easily and free of charge – we’ll tell you what!

The standard Magento language packages are often somewhat counterintuitive for native speakers, which can weaken the “trust” in online shopping. However, it is precisely here that trust is a key factor in closing a sale. A proper and correct language version, on the other hand, strengthens trust and credibility and also increases usability, as user-related errors are minimised. We provide you with such a Magento translation in German.

You will receive an optimised German language package for Magento 2 free of charge, which you can download from this page. If you need help with the implementation, just contact our team. We are also happy to help you with other e-commerce questions.

With a good German translation of the Magento shop, you will reach more customers in German-speaking countries and can address them individually with a personal “Du” or “Sie”.

Germanized Magento 2 made in Germany

Since we as an agency have been working with Magento for years, it has long been a concern of ours to improve the bulky and somewhat embarrassing German Magento translation. We created 2 versions at once and are currently working on a gender-neutral language pack in German. Keep updated!

Our credo in translation:

  • accurate > minimize operating errors
  • typical > authentic language creates trust
  • tactful > appropriate form of address (psst: soon also gender-neutral!)
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German quality down to the icing on the cake

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